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Please be aware that as a general rule Gods and Idols devs do not comment on suggestions.
This is because we do not want to appear to favor certain suggestions over others, we read and value them all!
If you want specific developer feedback just let us know in your post.
Production/Consumption overview
Created 897 days ago
Started by Kamica
Ship Aesthetics =/= Performance
Created 1166 days ago
Started by Nester64
Created 1170 days ago
Started by Walloping
Housing tooltip should show how many people it can hold
Created 1208 days ago
Started by strobel
Naming Planets
1 replies, last reply 1209 days ago by Aligorn
Started by Aligorn
space-structures/laws of gravity/revolving planets
5 replies, last reply 1480 days ago by Eradicus
Started by chacotey
1 replies, last reply 1480 days ago by Eradicus
Started by Dauntless233
Non-specific suggestions
Created 1482 days ago
Started by Fatsquishypanda
3 replies, last reply 1824 days ago by zetsumei
Started by Macatord
Music/Noise/Sound Effects
Created 1991 days ago
Started by Auios
Shatter Show!!!!
6 replies, last reply 2009 days ago by Deus Kai
Started by Deus Kai
2 replies, last reply 2015 days ago by Celestium
Started by Celestium
Visual Planet Stats
Created 2038 days ago
Started by Derp
Suggestion for planet mini game
1 replies, last reply 2038 days ago by Jattenalle
Started by CorpseChain
Universe Map
Created 2085 days ago
Started by Scroby
Created 2085 days ago
Started by Celestium
The Suggestion Page
4 replies, last reply 2088 days ago by LoveToKill
Started by kiloran
3 replies, last reply 2192 days ago by Jattenalle
Started by mbedo
email alerts
2 replies, last reply 2275 days ago by accbar
Started by Grantrithor
global weather events
3 replies, last reply 2278 days ago by Grantrithor
Started by Grantrithor
Creating custom resolution.
Created 2331 days ago
Started by Joseph
Search button
1 replies, last reply 2337 days ago by Cboehme
Started by StalkerII
Ancient space technology/bases
8 replies, last reply 2337 days ago by Cboehme
Started by Icefire2314
Forum functionality
2 replies, last reply 2402 days ago by RisingPhoenix
Started by Erad
Pirate bases/ strong holds UPDATED
8 replies, last reply 2543 days ago by Zarth
Started by Zarth
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