Development roadmap
A fully implemented feature
A partially implemented feature
Not yet implemented
Features within each milestone appear in no particular order.
This list is a work in progress! Features may be added or even removed as development progress.
This list is not a guarantee that a partifular feature will definitely make it into the game, it is simply a way to track development progress.
Planet creation
Planet seeding and influence
Basic buildings and resource goods
Basic planetary spells
Planet stats, modifiers, and bonuses
Basic goods transportation
Building Artifacts
Planet Artifacts
Current universe lore
We are here!
Grace period
Bug fixing
Process feedback and suggestions
Alpha / Early access
Steam integration
In-game shop
Quests and tasks
Localized planet resource density
Planetary Goods Haulers
Basic civilian ships
Military ships
Inter-planetary goods transportation
Basic trade and alliances
Ancient universe lore
Grace period
Bug fixing
Process feedback and suggestions
Complete buildings and resources
Ship class customization
Offensive spells
Complete trade and alliances
More planetary spells
Lore polish
Grace period
Bug fixing
Process feedback and suggestions
Gold / Launch
Repeatable "dungeons" for loot (Limbo, Black Sun, Void, Crux Ruins, ...)
Universe-scale events
NPC enemies and empires
Lore polish and finalizing
Future / Ideas
Note that future items are plans and ideas that may never see the light of day.
Walk on the surface of planets?
Re-enable planet orbits?
Implement full orbital mechanics, even for fleets?
Expansions and DLC?
Other game genres set in the same universe using the same data?
Edit history
Updated roadmap progress
+Re-add Goods Haulers to replace Links
Moved some items around
+Localized Planet Resource Density
Roadmap created after suggestion by Andy186u
Steam Early-access
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