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A change of heart
Posted 3367 days ago
What have I been doing
Most of the dev time recently have been spent stomping out bugs.
Nothing much exciting have happened on that front, but bugs need to die.

Change of heart?
Some of you may remember me saying ship parts would only be cosmetic and not affect your ships in any way.
This is going to change.

While working on the hauler ship logistics I realized:
Jatt's mind
Wouldn't it make a lot of sense if you could upgrade/alter your hauler designs? Perhaps more speed but less capacity, or huge cargo capacity but slower.
Making ship parts affect ship designs came fairly naturally from that simple reasoning.

Of course, since I hate pay 2 win, this means ship part acquisition will have to change a bit. Being produced by your planets as opposed to found or bought in a cash shop.

Wait, hauler ship?
Oh yeah, next patch might take a bit longer than usual because it is a big one!
First few ships are going in, including the aforementioned Hauler.
The Hauler is a low orbit transporter that is locked to the planet where it's built (Unless transported with a carrier, hint hint)
It is used to ferry goods and construction materials around, which will change the way construction and production works by a fair bit.
No longer will construction just magically complete over time, instead after placing the new building, it will be added to the hauler queue. Haulers will transfer goods to the construction site, and once all goods have arrived the building will be complete.
This means that the ''Time'' component of constructions is going away, and having multiple haulers will make construction faster.
The same system will be used for producing goods, a Hauler must fetch/deliver goods to production buildings for them to do anything.

So when will the patch arrive?
As always, when it's done. But my rough guess would be a month from now.

But you said...!
But in this diary you said more spells would be next!
More spells are also coming in the Hauler patch, as well as a revamped planet management interface, and a host of other goodies!

Dev streams are coming back!
The plan is to stream on weekdays, Monday through Friday. The exact time for the stream hasn't been set in stone, but I'm aiming for something like 20:00 CET to 22:00 CET. Streams will also be archived and posted here on the site if you want to watch them at a later time.

And as always, please report any bugs or issues you find!
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Re. A change of heart
Posted 3367 days ago
If you meet me,
Have some courtesy,
Have some sympathy, and some taste.
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Re. A change of heart
Posted 3364 days ago
I really enjoy the idea of the hauler, and from what you've said it sounds like we are gonna get some ships soon, or something of the like. As I am a fellow game developer and programmer. For the game since you've said you have been getting rid of bugs for the most recently. After this update I'd give it a week getting rid of any small bugs and then start working on the next update. I realize that you've been working on this for quite a long time now, but you now need to get off your ass's and start putting some more work into the playability into this game! If you do that I myself would sure let more of my friends know about the game. I do enjoy everything that you've put into it so far, but since it's been in development for so long. I see how the game itself has lost supporters over time, yet I also admire those that have stuck with it. Keep up the work!
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