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If this is obvious or the information is already accessible somewhere else on the page, then please, forgive my ignorance :p

In any case, just curious, what exactly IS the relation between Jattenalle/GaI in general and API Studios?

Ive read/heard somewhere that Jatt rents his holy serverness from an entity known as APIServers, however, Ive seen APIStudios somewhere here as well, further, in the old MC server, the proposed currency were known as APIs, which implies it might have some kind of closer relation to GaI or Jatt or..
you get the point.

Mainly just curious, looking for an explanation, because, frankly, I cant make heads or tails of it :)
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Re. APIStudios/APIServers/APIThingsInGeneral
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I am APIServers and APIStudios.

As seen in the Terms of Use for GaI:
by Johannes Pihl (''APIStudios'').

APIServers was a web and server hosting company I ran with two friends.
APIStudios was started by me as a games/software studio.

The letters API are the first letter of the last name of the original founders (P for Pihl), the other two have since left but I've kept the name since it's cool.

APIServers no longer really exists.
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