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Test 2.20.884
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  • Haulers goods prioritization should make a bit more sense
  • New spell added, Summon Hauler, adds a temporary Hauler to the planet it is cast on
  • Buildings and construction sites can now be destroyed
  • Hauler delivery to Buildings and construction sites can now be paused
  • Housing, Granary, and Chemtank now requires a Warehouse
  • Smelter, Foundry, and Forge now unlocked in turn as opposed to all at once
  • Warehouse now requires a Forge
  • Power gain is unlocked, function of population and influence
  • Added color to buildings to make them easier to tell apart until unique models are added
  • Made buildings bulkier and taller to fix some clipping issues on certain graphics cards
  • Lowered planet cloud shadow layer
  • Patch notes are now shown on the main menu ingame
  • Fixed UI disappearing if an Accretion was visible, thanks Pontifex!
  • Haulers no longer try to deliver production goods to unfinished buildings
  • Player names are no longer split over multiple lines in the chat
  • Added missing REQ_HAULERS definition
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.884
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