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Test 2.20.824
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  • Added crane and smoke for buildings under construction
  • Increased spawn rate of Accretion Asteroids during Accretion
  • Hospital has been disabled as it currently serves no function (And could not be built)
  • Added better looking dark smoke/smog
  • Added ENGINE.Effects variable that tracks number of living effects
  • Only widgets intended for it will close when you click outside of them now
  • Improved building and construction site tooltips
  • Fixed issue when saving building states, SEE NOTES 1)
  • Fixed Chem Tank requirement, it now needs Metal Pipes as intended.
  • Removed the duplicate listing of buildings in the construction menu
  • Planets with less than 50 population should no longer starve, SEE NOTES 2)
  • Added extra safeguard for case where RES_MEN or RES_WOMEN are 0 > x < 1
    which could cause a rounding error to 0, resulting in dead population, SEE NOTES 2)

Note 1)
Unfortunately this bug has resulted in all buildings becoming construction sites and all productions being reset!
You will need to wait for constructions to finish and set up goods production again.
Note 2)
Due to the underlying cause of this bug, simply adding population back to affected planets will not work.
If your planet population has already died you must unfortunately do an account reset, you can find this option in the menu in the top right after you sign into the game. Feel free to contact an administrator, or myself, in the chat should you need assistance.
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.824
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