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Test 2.20.740
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-Test server has been reset
-Buildings can no longer overlap
-Material gathering by hand is re-enabled
-Added Grain, Limestone, Sand, Glass, Wire, Screws, Tools, and Copper resources
-Animals now require Grain
-Concrete now requires Rock and Limestone, was Rock and Water
-Housing now also requires Glass

-Added several missing building descriptions

-Disabled all window fade/slide animations
-Elements are now updated on widget load in addition to once every 250ms

-Increased building selection range
-Improved handling of stockpiles and resources
-Haulers now check if a building alraedy has resources inbound by a different hauler when considering what to deliver

-Some minor improvements
-Added ''Program Files'' issue note during installation

-Buildings no longer turn invisible if detailed models are turned off
-Fixed issue where Terms of Use could be off-screen
-Fixed rounding error in total population count
-Fixed client out of bounds read/crash when receiving building data
-Removed rounding for stockpile readouts. Ex: A raw stockpile value of 1.99 is now shown as 1.9, as opposed to 2.0
-Fixed bug where using up a resource would halt all production of anything using that resource forever
-Fixed instance where stockpile goods could be overwritten by a Hauler delivery
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.740
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