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Test 2.20.645
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-Clarified confusing naming with the ''Construction & Haulers'' and ''Production'' tabs
-Moved Haulers to Production instead of Construction tab
-Added several new descriptions to resources and buildings
-Added several new resource icons
-Increased opacity of faded/disabled text from 0.6 to 0.8 for increased readability

-Fixed client missing RES_HAULER definition
-Fixed client missing RES_BLD_WAREHOUSE definition
-Fixed ''Requires 1(0)'' bug caused by the above missing definitions
-Fixed <button>:IconOnly elements to be handled properly
-Server now save Haulers properly to the database
-Fixed UI issue that would make the Production tab not show up/unlock properly
-Fixed crash when placing a building
-Fixed packet synch issue when building workers was 0

Experimental release! All buildings are unlocked in order to test the production/construction interface is working properly!
Please let me know if things are working, or if production/construction is still broken!

Buildings will never complete because of missing materials, this is by design. Building interface is disabled for testing purposes.
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.645
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