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Test 2.20.600
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-Universe is reset!
-Hauler ship added
-New production and construction mechanics
-Building placement is now properly limited, no more stacking
-Added several planetary buffs
-Some Planet bonuses have been re-enabled and finalized
-More buildings have been added
-Several new resources added
-Accretion asteroids now spawn at the same rate in all belts
-Planet distance from its star now affect various stats such as vegetation growth rate
-All building costs have been changed to fit with the new Hauler system
-All goods production chains have been updated for the Hauler system

-Changed how buildings are rendered
-Unique planet surfaces are re-enabled, urbanization and nightside shine coming later
-Re-enabled administrator broadcast system
-Made the names of MCLI and TCLI servers more clear, they are now Neva and Test respectively
-Changed production handling to be per building instead of per planet, more intuitive this way

-Some improvements to the chat
-Improved planet management interface
-Planet buffs and bonuses are now shown when you select a planet
-Moved uiTop into its own widget

-Removed leftover treasure debug visuals
-Fixed chat 'ERROR':'NONE' glitch
-Fixed widget z-order issues
-Fixed issue with SELECT buttons not behaving properly
-Fixed resizable widgets not initializing their contents properly
-Holding right mouse button no longer triggers split-second tooltips
-Clicking a chat widget now properly sets channel focus to that window
-Fixed missing tooltip for Crux ruins
-Fixed audio volumes not initializing properly
-Fixed issue where message popups had no title
-Modal widgets now properly block other UI elements
-Dynamic zoom when approaching planets is now independent of player FOV setting
-Fixed bug that would render stars twice
-PAGE.Fade now work as expected for modal UI widgets
-Fixed issue that would cause planet surfaces to render incorrectly
-Chat is now properly scrolled to bottom after resizing the widget (Reported by kawachigamer)
-Fixed mouse out of bounds issue
-Dialogs and widgets now close as expected when clicking Accretion, Shatter, and so on
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.600
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