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TCLI 2.20.292
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-Added treasures, see NOTE
-All Planetary Buffs now stack infinitely
-Minor balance changes to some building costs
-Added some new resources
-Added some new buildings

-Reduced or removed all tooltip display delays

-Chat no longer creates a broken #idle window on login
-Opening a dialog or widget now properly brings it to the front
-Fixed quests not being completable
-Fixed Instant Construction buff
-Fixed issue where planets would not reset properly on destruction
-Quests objectives now save properly between server restarts
-Fixed audio bug when volume was set above 100%

Treasures are bright beacons of light that spawn randomly in asteroid belts and sometimes around planets.
Look for blinking ''stars'' to find them from a distance.
Click treasures to open them and claim whatever was inside.
Treasures can currently give: Artifacts, planet buffs, resource stockpiles, Essences, Power
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Re. TCLI 2.20.292
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UI is great now, feels a lot better than before. Like, alot.
Forums > Patches > TCLI 2.20.292
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