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TCLI 2.20.270
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-TCLI server reset

-Increased building construction times by a factor of 10 or more
-Planet Quests are now available
-New buildings
-New resources
-Minor balance changes to the Accretion minigame
-Minor changes to the number of jobs provided by various productions
-Some changes to the gains and costs of various productions
-Increased the benefit from multiple food sources
-Clay is now a base resource and no longer requires Rock
-Metal sheets moved to Foundry
-Vegetables and Fruit can no longer be produced by hand
-Adjusted the limits for planetary stats from 33 and 67 to 30 for Poor and 70 for Rich
-Rock, Clay, Coal, and Ore now properly use Warehouse stockpile

-Fixed Happiness not being properly calculated
-Fixed IRC_QUIT message in chat
-Stockpiles are now properly purged on abandoned planets
-Fixed UI event bubbling loop
-Fixed Influence decay for Capital planets
-Fixed building load order bug
Forums > Patches > TCLI 2.20.270
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