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On bugs and sayings
Posted 3678 days ago
I hate bugs, a lot. But if you think about it, that just means I hate past me for writing the broken code to begin with. Yeah, past me is a jerk, fuck that guy, he made me fat!

The bug that surfaced with the TCLI-20140607-012732-75 patch proved to be a big one. It's finally been tracked down, after having torn out a lot of code during the hunt. The changes needed to fix it also means that old code is no longer relevant, it happens. It sucks, past me is an asshole.

In Sweden we have a saying: Do it over, do it correct.
And that's what I'm doing. Instead of trying to shoehorn the old code back in, I'm rewriting it, properly this time.

Minor things, such as no longer having to define resources and buildings for both the server and client, will in the long run result in much fewer bugs, less time wasted, and hopefully future me wont think I'm such an asshole anymore!

Patch TCLI 2.1.4E1B went live today, and does little to fix the gameplay features. Buildings are still broken, the chat needs a rewrite from scratch, and tooltips are nowhere to be seen. But the underlying framework is, at last, running smoothly. The current issues are all interface ones, straight forward, I just need to code them. Do it over, do it correct.

So expect a flurry of patches during the next few days/weeks as everything is back on track! And if future me finds a bug, it totally wasn't my fault! I blame past me, he's a asshole.
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Re. On bugs and sayings
Posted 3676 days ago
he's a asshole.

''The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world''
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Re. On bugs and sayings
Posted 3676 days ago
I think the game will benefit from your philosophy in the long run. Some games I have know refuse to ditch old code so stubbornly that in the end the game is build up with horrendous things like progressive memory leaks, bad performance issues, and even the occasional ''no (or very outlandish)-workaround-crash''. And some of this comes from big brand titles which makes it all the more appaling (they have the money for that huge commercial advertisement but cannot rewrite a piece of code? What the-?).

I say, take all the time you need. Specially now that the game is in it's early stages -- what is a small burden now *will* become a crushing weight to deal with later, so it is better to get rid of all bad stuff now.
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