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20140429-082049-24 [Planet management]
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-Accretion asteroids now reduce stats by a fixed amount instead of a percentage
-Reduced Accretion asteroid gains to +5 and +8, down from +8 and +12
-Most planet management tabs require influence to access

-Rename planet is unlocked
-Shatter spell is unlocked
-Manufacture and Construction are unlocked

-Buttons and tooltips now update when available resources change
-Improved tooltip update performance

-Certain UI events would sometimes trigger multiple times
-Accretions now start with the appropriate stats
-Fixed server object IDs not being properly set
-Fixed a memory leak in uiBuilders
-Fixed chat joins not being handled properly
-Some UI widgets did not properly hide when they were supposed to
Forums > Patches > 20140429-082049-24 [Planet management]
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