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Planet management
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Interface has proven to be a much tougher problem than I could ever have anticipated. Not only does it have to be responsive and look good, it also has to present a lot of information in an intuitive way that doesn't overwhelm.

Having now spent literally months on basically nothing but UI design, I can honestly say I'm getting sick of it!

On the upside, the end is in sight. And once these last few pieces are done I will have a complete framework to use for any other interface elements.

The current ''issue'' I've run into is how to do the planet management module. The current iteration looks like this:

I've never been a fan of hiding things behind tabs, but there just doesn't seem to be a way around it this time.

Planet management will go live on TCLI this Friday (20140418).
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Re. Planet management
Posted 3753 days ago
I don't mind if the UI is organized by tabs, as long as it contains all the information I need and leaves out the useless info. Especially if it's an MMORTS.
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