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Asteroid belts and angles
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Asteroid belts
Spent most of today and yesterday adding support for up to 16 asteroid belts per star system.
Stars in Omi, Orea, Vaire, Nimt, Lei-zu, and Fufa (Green on the universe map) will have 5 belts by default, though they may differ in distance from the star and each other. The systems in these regions are the only ones where you can create planets using Accretion, or Seed empty planets.

Stars in Arya, Kroh, and Felis (Yellow on the map) may have more, or less, belts. But these systems can only be colonized using fleets. NPC attacks are far more common in these regions, and much tougher to defend against. You can not Accrete or Seed planets in these regions.

And finally, stars in Anath, Khar, Raki, Sol, and Rift (Red on the map) have the highest potential number of asteroid belts, but are also highly dangerous to settle as they are under constant assault by the Black Sun itself. You can not Accrete or Seed planets in these regions.
In addition, the Sol and Rift regions will instantly crush all but the most powerful fleets and the entities that live here can even damage gods themselves in various ways.

Next up on the to-do is support for custom angles for planet creation. Basically: Where you click on the belt to Accrete a planet, is where it'll happen.
This will allow further customization as planets near each other will benefit from easier defense and trade, but also have increased risk of pandemic spread and such.

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Re. Asteroid belts and angles
Posted 3630 days ago
Well jatt you just made me want to pwn the black sun more then players at the moment since your makeing it sound so challengeing :D.
I will always arise from the ashes.
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Re. Asteroid belts and angles
Posted 3629 days ago
Jatt also doomed me by making me want to poke Sol and Rift to see what happens D:
Stupid Schmuck Bait :(
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