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Buttons, buttons, buttons!
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Buttons have proven to be quite a difficult beast to get right.
They need to be responsive, visually show when you mouse over and even more importantly: They need to work.

So I spent the week mostly focusing on creating a set-in-stone design for how buttons look and behave.

There are now three types of buttons in Gods and Idols, you can see them all in this screenshot:

In the top right we have one of the ''Submenu'' buttons, these do nothing on their own but open a menu of additional options that can be selected.
Then we have the ''Icon'' buttons, these are buttons made up of nothing more than a fancy icon, these trigger a tooltip when the mouse is hovered above them and clicking them should trigger a fairly big UI change.
And finally we have the ''Green'' buttons, these are for anything where data is submitted or an action is required by the player. Examples: The login screen, sending chat messages, or the exit confirmation dialog

The exact look of the buttons may change over time, but the three classifications will remain. Hopefully this will prove to be a nice and consistent way of presenting buttons ingame.

And who would've thought designing buttons would take almost a week...
Forums > Diary > Buttons, buttons, buttons!
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