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Ascension v2!!

Some history.

I have used the name Ascension in GaI 1.0 ''R.I.P.'' and have made good memories! So I see no reason not to renew my efforts in an attempt to do so again.

Structure: NONE!!?
There will be no structure system per say, no roles will be assigned. The pantheon will operate under a ''general consensus'' theme and people will eventually develop and snuggle into a play style they enjoy.

What is expected from you?

You should always have a fleet prepared for battle even if we are at peace.

It would be nice if help could be provided to members who are struggling economically, or otherwise.

Mind your manners, instigating fights in chat, or with in game assets, is frowned upon.

Rules of engagement.

Ascension will use a ''green light'' system. After the consensus has been made to openly go to war with a foe(s), they become fair game and can be attacked openly, however it is strongly suggested that it be coordinated with pantheon members and/or allies.

Trade and other diplomatic ventures.

All trade will be conducted at your discretion, however it is strongly advised that trade be conducted within the pantheon above any outside sources.

There will be no singular person that makes a decision, such as entering into an alliance, or any other decision that effects the entire pantheon, no matter the stature and position of the person within the pantheon. Everything will be brought to debate regarding such matters.


Currently no diplomatic relationns.
Diplomatic discussion is currently closed.

Recruitment will also be closed until further notice.

Please feel free to chat about pantheons and stuff and thank you in advance for taking the time to read.

Forums > Pantheons > Ascension.
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