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Progress and mods
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The new interface is coming along nicely. The decision to use jQuery really helped speed things up a lot! Not to mention the code is easier to read and work with than it was before.
And a whole lot smaller too!

New dynamic variable mapping
While working on the interface I decided to add a way to define arbitrary variables that the UI could access, change, and save to disk.
Took about a days worth of work to get it working, but it is damned nice! This system can be used to store, for example, positions of UI windows or their size. It also allows the UI direct access to all engine and game variables, which makes for a faster UI and allows much more expansion and modification later on.
That's right, UI modding is a thing and support for UI mods have now been properly integrated into the core of the UI backend. More details on this will come at a later date!

What's the plan?
Still working on finishing the UI and backend rewrites. It's all coming together very nicely.
Remember that you can see the changes yourself by launching TCLI. Press F5 to reset and reload the interface.

And feel free to give your suggestions, ideas, and feedback!
Forums > Diary > Progress and mods
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