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Security, network, and what's next
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I recently updated the security backend to be much more robust and, well, secure.
It used to use a simple salt for your passwords, it now uses a stronger, longer, and more random salt that is unique to each account. This means that even if someone were to gain access to the Gods and Idols database it is highly unlikely they'll be able to extract your passwords.
Also, since no credit card data is ever stored or handled by the Gods and Idols' servers there's not much to gain even if someone were to hack the database.
More security is always nice!
In addition to these updates, a new backup schedule has been put into place. Full backups are now performed daily, as opposed to weekly, and stored for 90 days. This means that in a worst case scenario where a rollback will have to be performed, only 24 hours will be lost at worst.

A network layer rewrite has been a long time coming, and is way overdue. The previous layer was a horrible hacked together mess of string concat's and cobwebs.
The new layer is smooth, fast, and much easier to work with. Not to mention the code is a lot cleaner which makes for a happy Jattenalle!

Still some more things to fix before TCLI can be updated. Once TCLI is updated you will not notice any difference, things should be exactly the same as before from your point of view.

What's next
After the network layer has been fully migrated it's time to give some attention to the horrible mess that is the UI backend. I know all these constant UI rewrites are annoying when all you want is to play the game, but they're needed. Think of it as building a house, if you notice the foundation is cracked and uneven, you don't begin work on the 2nd floor. You fix the foundation. So that's what I'll be doing next, foundation fixing.
The result will be a much faster and more responsive UI, not to mention cleaner UI code which makes me all tingly inside.
Forums > Diary > Security, network, and what's next
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