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-Improved shutdown procedure
-Removed RECV event
-Changed screenshot naming scheme
-Planets are now properly, and immediately, commited to database after any change
-Renaming a planet is now immediate as opposed to taking up to 5 minutes to take effect
-Dynamic FoV has been removed and replaced by a customizable FoV system, see Settings
-Improved performance when there's a nearby star in view
-Improved FXCore performance
-Several improvements to explosion effects
-Fixed the ''Waiting for data'' time when selecting planets
-Selecting and mouseover is now faster and slightly more accurate
-Increased ambient lighting levels slightly
-Improved error reporting in debug.txt and debug-launcher.txt
-Changed asteroid belt visuals
-Each planet now has a unique surface that change over time
-Improved KeepAlive functionality and hang detection
-Startup is now much smoother and no longer cause visual stutter
-Fixed excessive debug spam from AL module
-Replaced with simple ''Good for now'' UI
-Dialogs can now be moved and closed independently
-Information is now shown if the client is unable to communicate with the server
-Added a notice if a connection to the chat could not be established
-Several improvements when selecting planets, stars and asteroid belts
-Removed useless data from mouse-over tooltips
-Reduced the size of distant stars tooltip trigger zone
-Dialogs no longer auto close when looking around
-Awesomium no longer in SingleProcessMode, UI is now faster but uses more RAM
-Type 1, 2, and 3 bad Accretion asteroids no longer remove Metal, Life, and Gas, only Planet Progress
-Type 4 bad Accretion asteroids remove only Metal, Life, and Gas, not Planet Progress
-Increased amount added by normal Accretion asteroids to 5 and 8, up from 3 and 5
-Increased amount added by pure Accretion asteroids to 6, up from 4
-Increased amount added by perfect Accretion asteroids to 8 and 16, up from 5 and 10
-Unlocked influence
-Unlocked Seed
-Unlocked buildings
-Renaming or Destroying an unpopulated planet requires 50% effective influence
-Renaming or Destroying a populated planet requires 80% effective influence
-Seeding a planet requires 50% effective influence and no populated planets under your control
-TCLI reset
-Fixed resolution list being cut off
-Added some missing stars to the Vaire region
-Added some missing stars to the Orea region
-Fixed player list showing people online even though they were not
-Fixed an issue where interface elements did not properly receive focus on open
-Fixed an issue where interface elements did not relinquish focus on close
-Fixed stars fading too fast when moving towards them
-Fixed issue with Settings folder not being properly created
-Fixed several minor issues with the Installer
-Fixed several minor issues with the Updater
-Fixed enter not working when locked around a planet
-Tooltips now properly close when changing elements or using an input box
-Fixed issue with commandline parsing under certain conditions
-Fixed paths not resolving properly under certain conditions
-Fixed incorrect 16bit and 32bit resolution list resolves
-Added fallback generic resolution list
-Fixed planet names not being properly truncated at 20 characters, causing a disconnect
-Fixed issue where interface elements could block camera look
-Fixed issue where main menu dialog did not properly receive keyboard focus on startup
-Fixed chat issue when exiting the game
Forums > Patches > TCLI-20140108-022720-85
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