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Our people are the true beings of the universe, created by true gods. They have been perfected by genetics and DNA through many different generations of their kind. They were created to rule, to put a end to the chaos of the universe.

They are a master race, meant to live under one banner, one name, one central being. Not divided by different gods or pantheons, seperated by differences or petty wars and conflicts. They do not wage war like neanderthals and mindless barbains, steal, or corrupt. Instead they live for peace. A peace that will last until the end of time, but sometimes to get peace, you have to be unpeaceful. We see this flaw. Not everyone will subject to us, but we give you the chance. Subject and live or be terminated for the greater good.

((I will edit this post when I get home, i'm not finished with figuring out all the information and whatnot. I just wanted it's existence to be known.))
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