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Starcraft 2. Play it. With us. NAO
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Basically, a number of us play SC2 from time to time(a little more often than that). My point is, we need more people to torture :D

With the SC2 starter edition, you can indefinitely access all sections of SC2 Multiplayer as long as you play with someone else who has the full game. You cant access the whole campaign and such, but hey, free gaem :P

If you decide to get it and play with us, go ahead and tell UnclePaiPai or myself, we can be found on the IRC pretty often, or just post here on this thread. Or you can just add us on SC2.

Character information to add UnclePaiPai and myself can be found belowz;

Character Name: Scroby
Character Code: 717

Character Name: Piedead
Character Code: 146

Keep in mind that you can freely switch between NA and EU now, but in either case, our character information is the same on both.
Forums > Off-topic > Starcraft 2. Play it. With us. NAO
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