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Scrobbah wanna fly!
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I want to fly. Specifically, I want to make a pritty flying thing and fly around. Even more specifically, in Minecraft SMP, but at this point Id be open to just about any Voxel game in which I can build things, and, well, build something like an Airship or a Zeppelin and fly around in it. This would be much more enjoyable if it was a Minecraft-like-game in that a server can be hosted and whatnot, preferably not an MMO, something with Private servers.

I know there are a bunch of Zeppelin mods out there and stuff for Minecraft, but few to none are SMP, and if they are, theyre borked as hell and dont really work.

Id also be open to a Minecraft mod like Galacticraft, but a wee bit more expansive, or like FutureCraft, but again, with more customization and compatibility.

~~~Compatibility are importantz!~~~
I'd like to shove all of it into a FTB Ultimate client, and maybe we can even blackmail a favorite game dev of ours to host it :o

If nothing is found, I will be sad.

First person to find a solution gets a cookie from Scroby!!

And before you ask yourself, ''why should I not go back to the Forums main page right now and pretend I never saw this?'', remember.... the cookie! :D


First individual may not be the only one eligible for Cookie. Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh individuals may also qualify.

''Cookie'' will be as defined by Scroby. If you receive a brick painted brown with little tar balls glued on, dont say we didnt warn you.
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