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Upcoming patch
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February update: Moving networking over to the new NetComs library.
The Gatekeeper, Supervisor, and Connect services have now been converted over to the new NetComs. The Planets service is in the process of being converted.

Additional information regarding progress may be found on the Discord, link available via

These are upcoming changes that are not yet in the game!
These notes may change, and things may be added or even removed, before the patch goes live.

  • Overhauled planetary stockpile/inventory mechanics:
    • Warehouse type buildings now provide inventory slots, replacing the fixed +Max stockpile
    • Each inventory slot has a max amount of the assigned resource it can hold
    • Multiple slots can be set to the same resource and they will stack
    • If a resource has no slots, or if it exceeds the amount provided by its assigned slots, no more of that resource can be produced on the planet
    • Even if planet stockpiles are full you can still collect resources directly in treasures, via events, or points of interest
  • Some new buildings, resources, and production chains
  • Only one planet can now be freely accreted per star system
    • More planets can be accreted once you have a Capital planet
    • Accretions after the first one will require a new type of resource that is generated by population over time
    • Existing star systems that have multiple planets will have all unseeded planets shattered and Shards granted
    • This change is required to facilitate some new gameplay mechanics
  • Shards can now be spent to improve a planets Metal, Life, or Gas stats over time
  • Shattering a planet now grants Shards based on the planets stats
  • Treasures Shard drop amounts have been reduced
  • Treasures can now contain certain basic resources, such as food
  • Balance changes
    • NPC Fleets CIWS rate of fire has been reduced
    • NPC Fleets Pulsegun range has been reduced
    • Planetary defenses accuracy has been slightly reduced
    The intent behind these changes is to make NPC invasions last a bit longer. This is a stop-gap measure until the PvE Combat update
  • Interface volume can now be set
  • Combat chatter volume can now be set independently of Effects
  • Frequency of Combat chatter can now be set
  • Many startup errors and messages are now shown as ingame dialogs instead of Windows popup ''crashes''
  • The Settings dialog now re-opens if a UI reload was needed to apply new settings
  • Updated the Settings dialog with new options, including customizable keybindings
  • Completed the long ongoing migration of all network communications to the new NetComs library
  • Greatly improved client startup and error handling
  • Using override.ini has been deprecated and will be ignored
  • Internal Hashmap library updated from version 2.1 to 2.3: ~700 improvements
  • Internal NetComs library updated from version 0.3 to 2.0: ~600 improvements
  • Internal Dictionary library updated from version 1.0 to 1.1: ~20 improvements
  • Internal HTTP library updated from version 0.3 to 2.0: ~50 improvements
  • Internal JSON library updated from version 1.0 to 2.0: ~300 improvements
  • Several render backend improvements:
    • Gods and Idols now has multi-monitor support and can be set to run on a specific monitor in Borderless fullscreen
    • Exclusive fullscreen mode has been removed in favor of Borderless fullscreen mode for greater compatibility
    • Gods and Idols Borderless fullscreen now always runs at the same resolution as the monitor it is set to run on
    • A new Render Scale option has been added
    • The interface is not affected by Render Scale
  • Windowed mode now better remembers the position of the window on multi-monitor setups
  • Windowed mode window size can now be set exactly, down to the pixel
  • Settings.ini has been deprecated and is no longer used
  • Settings are now stored in /userdata/settings.json instead of /bin/settings.ini
  • Logs are now stored in /userdata/logs/ instead of just /logs/
  • The ancient UIC/CACHE[] library is no longer used, resulting in significantly improved UI performance
  • Decreased file and texture buffers memory usage
  • Gods and Idols can now recover from certain memory errors during texture load by automatically attempting to reduce texture scaling
  • Updated Steam API bindings
  • Greatly improved memory utilization and handling, fixing many random ''out of memory'' crashes
  • New improved input keyhandler that unifies key symbols between the engine and UI
  • Greatly improved memory handling related to texture loading and reloading, and screenshots [F8]
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed R-99 timeout error during account reset [NOTE: UI only bug. Accounts were still reset]
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in Datastream:Discard()
  • Fixed int64 values failing to copy during Hashmap=Hashmap assignments leading to null values under certain conditions
  • Fixed 'true' and 'false' not parsing correctly when reading certain JSON objects
  • Fixed invalid glMagFilter for planet surface textures
  • Fixed several issues related to minimizing the Gods and Idols window
  • Clicking back onto Gods and Idols after it has lost focus no longer triggers unwanted mouse clicks on random UI elements
  • Fixed several issues related to the Audio handler causing excessive debug log spam
  • Fixed audio not working properly if master volume was raised after starting at 0
  • Fixed Dictionary cache reference corruption in Hashmaps after Hashmap:Add() operations
  • No more black boxes covering parts of the UI when opening some dialogs and menus
  • Planet grid adjacency checking no longer randomly fails
  • Adjacent tiles checking no longer randomly include additional non-adjacent tiles
  • Fixed ''Stockpile full'' if production output was scaled higher than total stockpile space
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