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Upcoming patch
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Update March: The long ongoing work to code and then move all network communications to a new, easier to maintain, system is now effectively complete. The backend is done, and it is now simply a matter of adding back in all the missing communication.
My hope is that the move to the new network coms will fix, or at least aid in tracking down, the bugs related to the new inventory mechanics.

Update January: This patch is taking a while due to some bugs with the new inventory mechanic as well as server-side performance issues that need to be fixed. It's being worked on!

These are upcoming changes that are not yet in the game!
These notes may change, and things may be added or even removed, before the patch goes live.

Continuing the work towards Fleets and Ships.

  • Overhauled planetary stockpile/inventory mechanics
    • Warehouse type buildings now provide inventory slots, replacing the fixed +Max stockpile
    • Each inventory slot has a max amount of the assigned resource it can hold
    • Multiple slots can be set to the same resource and they will stack
    • If a resource has no slots, or if it exceeds the amount provided by its assigned slots, no more of that resource can be produced on the planet
    • You can still collect resources directly in treasures, via events, or points of interest
  • Some new buildings, resources, and production chains
  • Only one planet can now be freely accreted per star system
    • More planets can be accreted once you have a Capital planet
    • Accretions after the first one now requires a new type of resource that is generated by population over time
    • Existing star systems that have multiple planets will have all unseeded planets shattered and Shards granted
    • This change is required to facilitate some new gameplay mechanics
  • Shards can now be spent to improve a planets Metal, Life, or Gas stats over time
  • Shattering a planet now grants Shards
  • Treasures Shard drop amounts have been reduced
  • Treasures can now contain certain basic resources, such as food items
  • Several improvements to existing systems
  • Greatly improved Hashmap performance
  • Completed the long ongoing migration of all network communications to the new format
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed R-99 timeout error during account reset [NOTE: UI only bug. Accounts were still reset]
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in Datastream:Discard()
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