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I'm back!
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Development resumes!

I, Jattenalle, have returned from my sudden pause and development will continue.

The focus remains on getting Ships and Fleets back along with the required infrastructure to build them. This includes several new buildings, changes to some mechanics, and several new resources.
The next patch should hopefully be in around two weeks, but fully getting Ships and Fleets ready will take more than one patch so don't expect to be able to rev up your shipyards for at least a few more patches.

I'll also be looking into the R-99 error that happens during reset, as well as some changes to the rendering to fix fullscreen issues on the latest versions of Windows 10 and 11.

As usual, upcoming patch notes will be posted as soon as there are any notes to post.

And finally, thank you everyone for your patience and well wishes during my absence. I greatly appreciate it, and hope to be able to repay you all with some nice updates to come!
Forums > Diary > I'm back!
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