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A pause
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Due to personal reasons in real life I, Jattenalle, will be unavailable and unable to work on Gods and Idols starting today and lasting at-least a few weeks.

The server will keep running for the duration, but if anything crashes it might take a while before I can get around to restarting things.

I am sorry to disappoint everyone who's been anticipating fixes/content in the near future.
I also apologize for not being able to share more about what is going on.

For any urgent issues, or crashes, please post them in the Discord and ping @Scroby so he can pass it up the chain to me. But again, it might be a while before I can get around to actually fixing anything.

Development has not stopped, Gods and Idols is not abandoned, I just have to step away for a while.
But rest assured, I will be back.
Forums > Diary > A pause
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