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Patch 5.25.915 (Regions)
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This update contains a major new mechanic, Regions, which affects how you plan the layout of buildings on your planets.
It is likely that old layouts are no longer efficient, or possibly no longer viable at all. Check your food production and make sure to adjust layouts if needed.
Unwanted buildings can be destroyed by selecting the building, then clicking the button in the top right corner of the building management panel.

  • New gameplay mechanic: Building Regions
    • Adjacent Buildings of the same-, or related-, type now form Regions
    • Some buildings, such as Farmland, provide benefits if they are part of a Region
    • See individual Building tooltips for more information on what modifiers they gain from Regions
  • Auxiliaries have been moved back to the planet construction panel, and are no longer built from within their parent building
  • Most buildings no longer require a specific adjacent building in order to be placed, this does not affect modifiers that work off of adjacencies
  • Ravager scouts now spawn at a random point in the star system then move to a planet instead of spawning directly around a planet
  • Decreased the movement speed of Ravager fleets slightly
  • Ravager fleets are now untargetable by planetary defenses until the fleet has fully spawned in
  • Continued moving communications over to the new protocol
  • Updated tooltip layout
  • Updated planet construction panel
  • Continued moving communications over to the new protocol
  • Optimized away stupidly slow nested cascading in t_Planet:t_Tile:UpdateGroups()
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed crash in t_List:Merge()
  • Fixed list corruption caused by t_List:Merge() incorrectly creating new child objects
  • Fixed crash in t_Planet:t_Tile:UpdateGroups()
  • Fixed issue that could cause some Treasures to be invisible
  • Fixed timing issue with Ravager scouts that could cause them to expire much faster than intended
  • Fixed Ravager fleet spawning issue that could lead to Ravager fleets being prematurely destroyed
  • Fixed alignment issue in Add new worker widget under certain UI scalings
  • Fixed two cases that could lead to R-99 errors when a player was trying to reset their progress
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.915 (Regions)
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