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[Archived 2022-08-13] Upcoming patch
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  • New gameplay mechanic: Building Regions
    • Adjacent Buildings of the same-, or related-, type now form Regions
    • Some Buildings, such as Farmland, gain benefits if they are part of a Region
    • Some buildings get a penalty if they are part of a Region
    • See individual Building tooltips for more information on what modifiers they gain from Regions
  • Auxiliaries have been moved back to the Building panel, and are no longer built from within their parent building
  • Most Auxiliaries no longer require a specific adjacent building in order to be placed
  • Ravager scouts now spawn at a random point in the star system then move to a planet instead of spawning directly around a planet
  • Decreased the movement speed of Ravager fleets slightly
  • Ravager fleets are now untargetable by planetary defenses until the fleet has fully spawned in
  • Continued moving communications over to the new protocol
  • Updated tooltip layout
  • Fixed alignment issue in Add new worker widget under certain UI scalings
  • Continued moving communications over to the new protocol
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed crash in t_List:Merge()
  • Fixed list corruption caused by t_List:Merge() incorrectly creating new child objects
  • Fixed crash in t_Planet:t_Tile:UpdateGroups()
  • Fixed issue that could cause some Treasures to be invisible
  • Fixed timing issue with Ravager scouts that could cause them to expire much faster than intended
  • Fixed Ravager fleet spawning issue that could lead to Ravager fleets being prematurely destroyed
  • Fixed two cases that could lead to R-99 errors when a player was trying to reset their progress
Forums > Diary > [Archived 2022-08-13] Upcoming patch
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