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Patch 5.25.860 (Fixes)
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This update mostly focuses on fixes, but also has some quality of life improvements and visual tweaks.

  • All buildings now provide 10 Residences. Previously, buildings that had a +Residences modifier (Citadel, Housing) did not add 10 in addition to the modifier, they now do
  • Greatly decreased the threshold for Entropy to become active, even a relatively small amount above Stockpile max will now trigger Entropy
  • Warehouse no longer provides +50% Production to adjacent Mines
  • Greatly improved performance in dataset handling
  • Removed deprecated ArtifactBlueprintLibraryJS data assembly during startup
  • Buildings with no workers, or empty queues, now have a visual Zzz indicator
  • Reduced the amount of visual fx from adjacent stockpiles
  • Citadel now shows that it adds +100 Residences
  • Number of Residences are now shown in the planet management widget
  • The Add worker button is now below the production lines, just above the Add work orders button
  • Continued moving communications over to the new protocol
  • Various improvements and enhancements to internal data structures and datasets
  • Greatly improved performance in dataset handling
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed issue that could result in empty datasets after certain hashmap operations
  • Fixed buildings refunding their entire construction cost upon completion
  • Fixed building stockpiles stuck with X / Y Resource after removing a recipe from the queue
  • Fixed Entropy being stuck at 0% in the planet management widget (This is a visual fix, the behaviour has not changed)
  • Fixed Hashmap memory leak
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.860 (Fixes)
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