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Patch 5.25.807 (Homes)
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This patch consolidates some of the recipes into a more manageable format, as well as adding Housing, and tweaks to the Ravagers.
It also contains a potential fix for memory errors during startup.

  • Rolled back hashmap changes due to a memory leak

  • Recipes can now have weighted, randomized, outputs
  • The following recipes have been removed
    • Siderite mining (Tier 6)
    • Enargite mining (Tier 6)
    • Cobaltite mining (Tier 6)
    • Sand mining (Tier 6)
    • Limestone mining (Tier 6)
    • Coal mining (Tier 6)
    Ways to focus on specific outputs will come back in the future
  • New recipes are available
    • Mine > Rudimentary mining (Tier 6)
    • Forgeworks > Furnace > Glass (Tier 6)
  • New building Housing
  • Multiple Production lines can now be Sweeping at the same time
  • Adjusted Ravager Scout base spawn probability to 1/60min, up from 1/100min
  • Ravager Scouts can now be clicked on, dealing damage to the ship and eventually destroying it
  • Max simultaneous Ravager Scouts per planet is now unlimited, up from 1
  • Increased planet stockpiled resources factor on Ravager Fleet strength
  • Max simultaneous Ravager Fleets per planet is now unlimited, up from 1
  • Defense installations now consume 5 munition/minute during combat, up from 1 munition/minute
  • Greatly improved hashmap performance
  • Added some more indicators to Production line states to show what they're doing
  • Added more icons to Production line states
  • Updated Ravager Scout tooltip to reflect that it can now be clicked on to deal damage to it
  • Greatly improved hashmap performance
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed resources not being moved from Building- to Planet- stockpile
  • Moved some code around and added some potential fixes to errors when loading large files (Such as the clouds)
  • Fixed some session static data being sent more than once during a session
  • Fixed one cause of server crashes
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.807 (Homes)
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