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Path 5.25.759 (QoL and fixes)
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This hotfix adds several quality of life improvements as well as fixes to many issues.
One of the bugs fixed in this hotfix is that Workers were not properly counted as population for the purposes of consuming food,
be warned that your planets food consumption might go up quite a bit with this hotfix if you have a lot of Workers on the planet.
If you find yourself in a situation where your population is starving to death due to a lack of food, and too many workers,
the only remedy available at this point is to raze buildings in order to remove Workers,
so that you might gain more population to put to work in Farms.
A way to Fire individual workers from a building, instead of razing it, is coming.

  • Citadel now provides 200 Stockpile, up from 50
  • Some Worker modifier choices have been adjusted
    • +1 Production lines now has 5% weight, up from 0.01% (Max is still 4 Production lines)
    • +1 Max queue now has 1.1% weight, up from 0.1%
  • Some new modifiers, and additional tiers to existing ones, have been added
  • Seeding a planet now starts it off with 50 Population, up from 2
  • Each building now provide space for 10 population, down from 100
  • Citadel still provides space for 100 population
  • Building modifiers panel now lists effects added by Workers
  • The Add worker panel now show available resources in addition to Worker cost
  • The Add worker panel now show the tier of modifier effects
  • Added tooltip hint to the Workers part of the planet stats panel
BUGS (Thank you for reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed issue where producing some things was impossible due to lack of Stockpile space
  • Fixed several issues related to razing buildings
  • Fixed some Worker effects being inversed (e.g. -x% Production time is actually beneficial)
  • Fixed Worker costs not updating, or showing, properly
  • Fixed Workers not eating food
  • Fixed Workers not being taken into account for population
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