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Patch 5.25.751 (Workers, Visuals, and more)
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This has turned out to be the largest patch to date, with several major features added to the game.
Not to mention the amount of fixes, tweaks, and improvements to several key systems and mechanics.
Almost 120 thousand additional lines of code have been written for the client and server, as well as several new assets created.
To summarize it succinctly would be impossible, so keep reading the change notes below for all the juicy details!

  • Due to the changes made to production, all recipes in buildings have been reset
  • All auxiliary buildings are now built via their parent building (e.g. Quarry is built from the Mine)
  • The following recipes have been removed from the game
    • Iron (Tier7)
  • The scores from the Overhaul universe wipe have been finalized and are now available for those that earned them
  • Mines no longer have any base production
  • Farms no longer have any base production
  • New gameplay mechanic: Black Sun Ravagers
    • Hostile ships may randomly attack populated planets
    • Strength of the attack depend on amount of stockpiled resources and defenses
    • Ravager scouts appear roughly once per hour and remain near the planet for 15 to 30 minutes
    • Ravager scouts deal no damage, but if not destroyed in time will leave and report back to the Ravager fleet
    • Ravager attack fleets are more likely to occur for each scout that have reported back since the last attack
    • Destroy Ravager scouts to reduce the likelyhood of a Ravager attack fleet
    • Failing to defeat Ravager attack fleets will result in lost resources and damaged buildings
  • New gameplay mechanic: Building damage
    • Buildings can now take damage
    • If a building is already damaged it can be lost entirely
    • The Citadel can only take damage if there are no other structures on the planet
    • If the Citadel is destroyed then the planet is lost and its resources and population are forfeit
    • Damaged buildings must be repaired manually (For now)
    • Repair cost and repair time is proportional to construction cost and damage taken
  • New gameplay mechanic: Workers
    • Workers are created manually in any building
    • Workers are tied to the building they are created in, and can not move
    • The currently available types of workers are
      • Male workers
      • Female workers
    • Different worker types have different sets of potential bonuses and unlocks
    • Different worker types have different costs and requirements
    • Adding Workers become slightly more expensive the more workers are already present in the building
    • When adding workers you are presented with a randomized choice of modifiers/upgrades for the building
    • There is currently no limit to the number of workers that can be added to a building
    • Workers still count towards population, and still need food, and are affected by FHJ stats
    • If workers starve or are otherwise lost in any way, the modifier or upgrade they added to the building is removed
  • New gameplay mechanic: Production orders
    • The Recipe mechanic has been expanded and is now based on work orders
    • Adding a work order is very similar to the previous Recipe mechanic; Simply click the ''Add work order'' button in the building to begin
    • Work orders can be set to repeat a number of times or be done forever
    • The maximum items in the queue is determined by building upgrades gained by adding Workers
    • The maximum number of parallel production lines is determined by building upgrades gained by adding Workers
  • New buildings
    • Military Complex
    • Processor
    • Granary
  • New auxiliaries
    • Defense installation
    • Farmland
    • Orchard
    • Pasture
  • New recipes
    • Mine: Siderite mining (Tier 7)
    • Mine: Sand mining (Tier 7)
    • Mine: Limestone mining (Tier 7)
    • Mine: Coal mining (Tier 7)
    • Quarry > Mine: Enargite mining (Tier 7)
    • Farmland > Farm: Vegetables (Tier 7)
    • Pasture > Farm: Animal feed (Tier 7)
    • Pasture > Farm: Meat (Tier 7)
    • Orchard > Farm: Fruit (Tier 7)
    • Orchard > Farm: Wood (Tier 7)
    • Forge: Siderite processing (Tier 7)
    • Forge: Enargite processing (Tier 7)
    • Processor: Enargite processing (Tier 6)
    • Extractor: Cellulose extraction (Tier 7)
    • Military Complex: 30mm Munitions(Tier 7)
  • Improved how quickly, and how often, data is updated in the client and UI
  • Removed old Halloween event c.pepo.stars reference
  • Improved session static data handling for both client and servers
  • Some minor thread performance improvements
  • Greatly improved performance of planet infrastructure rendering
  • Improved FrameTime measurement for smoother animation and movement
  • Several cases of microstutter have been fixed
  • Greatly improved performance when updating gameplay data for the UI
  • Deprecated .Neighbour() in favor of new .Adjacent() method
  • Deprecated __randTable() in favor of new getPersistentRND() method
  • The button interact sound has been changed
  • Greatly improved how buildings are shown on the planet surface
  • Added visual traffic to show that a building has access to a Stockpile
  • Improved rendering of planet grid
  • Improved visual of selected grid
  • Greatly increased resolution of clouds
  • Updated the Factory icon
  • Camera now orbits a bit closer to the planet when on the Surface layer
  • Added camera smoothing when orbiting around an object
  • Improved rendering of atmosphere scattering
  • Improved planet atmosphere light diffusion
  • Building management panel has been updated
  • Auxiliary buildings now have their own management panel
  • Improved and decluttered the recipes tooltip
  • Improved planet stockpile list sorting behaviour
  • Improved session static data handling for both servers and client
  • Improved internal hashmap lookup performance
  • Began migration to new communication protocol. See NOTES
  • Deprecated .Neighbour() in favor of new .Adjacent() method
  • Deprecated __randTable() in favor of new getPersistentRND() method
BUGS (Thanks to everyone reporting issues and bugs, your help is greatly appreciated!)
  • Fixed long-standing bug related to how the camera swivels up and down when orbiting an object
  • Fixed issue where some session static gameplay data could be sent multiple times per session
  • Fixed hashmaps entering an undefined state if a node containing child objects was overwritten
  • Fixed hashmap JSON to UI exporter not escaping quotation marks for certain values causing missing UI elements
  • Fixed issue that could cause the auth service to get stuck and refuse new client connections
  • Fixed instance where solid objects could be rendered as transparent
  • Fixed memory leak when client received certain packages
  • Fixed tooltip issue where production output would sometimes not be shown scaled by production multiplier
  • Fixed a hashmap corruption issue
  • Fixed some minor UI element alignment issues
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