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Patch 5.25.183 (Another one)
Posted 829 days ago
Several fixes and improvements to most mechanics and systems.

  • Recipes now need the full amount of listed materials before they're processed
  • Citadel now provides 8 Transfer capacity, up from 5
  • Horreum now provides 2 Transfer capacity, up from 1
  • Building management widget now shows how many resources the building needs for any Recipes it has active
  • Massive performance improvements server side
  • Fixed Basic pipes recipe not making basic pipes
  • Fixed issue where adjacent buildings were not properly taken into account (See NOTES)
  • Fixed a server memory corruption that could lead to lost stockpiles
  • Recipes no longer consume resources without producing anything
  • There are still some issues where adjacent buildings do not properly transfer resources directly between them
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.183 (Another one)
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