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What am I working on?
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It's been a while since I wrote one of these, but with things back on track and schedule I figure it's time!

The next patch will once again be focused on fixes and quality-of-life.

The major areas that need improvement are the building stockpile handling, and better visuals and control over what buildings are doing at-a-glance.

The first of those I have already begun implementing: New internal stockpile handling code that gives much more flexibility for how stockpiles are handled by both the client and servers.

The main thing this does is create a ''separate'' internal behind-the-scenes stockpile for each active Recipe in a building. Not only will this solve the issue of cheaper Recipes eating all the resources before a more expensive one has enough to trigger, but it will also make it possible to add a nice little progress-bar thing to the Recipes themselves, showing their progress at a glance.
It will also let you see at-a-glance in the building stockpile if any resource is not being fed fast enough:

Another change, related to production, is that Recipes will gather their resources over time, until they have the values shown in the recipe tooltip.
Previously, the values in the tooltip were ''per minute'', but the recipe would trigger every second, at a fraction of the shown values leading to some confusion and weirdness. In the next patch if a Recipe says it needs 48 of something, it won't trigger until it has 48. And if it says it will output 15 of something, then it will output 15 of that thing.

And of-course, bug fixes. So please report any bugs you find either in Discord or on the Steam forums!
Forums > Diary > What am I working on?
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