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Patch 5.25.172 (Chain it all!)
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A few previously disabled gameplay mechanics have been re-enabled, along with some brand new mechanics.
Some balance changes to Building costs and Productions have also been made.

  • New mechanic: Entropy
    • Entropy causes resources in stockpiles to slowly decay over time, higher Entropy makes the decay faster
    • Entropy is increased by high population and number of buildings
    • Some buildings/goods reduce Entropy
  • New mechanic: Transfer capacity
    • Moving goods around now requires Transfer capacity
    • Too little Transfer capacity means goods can't get to where they're needed
    • Some buildings increase Transfer capacity
  • New mechanic: Production chains
    • Buildings can take goods they need directly from adjacent buildings
    • Goods transferred directly between adjacent buildings in this way does not use Transfer capacity
  • Stockpile building has been renamed to Horreum
  • Citadel now provides -30% Global Entropy
  • Citadel now provides -30% Global Upkeep
  • Citadel now provides 5 Transfer capacity
  • Horreum now provides 1 Transfer capacity
  • Max stockpile gained from Citadel reduced to 50 from 250
  • Max stockpile gained from Horreum reduced to 50 from 250
  • Farms now produce Vegetables
  • Farms now produce Wood
  • Certain resources now have an inherent decay over time (ex. Vegetables) independent of Entropy
  • Unwanted buildings can now be razed
  • Several new goods and resources added
  • Some new building modifiers
  • The cost of most buildings have been changed
  • Building stockpiles no longer appear empty if there's active production
  • It is now possible to right-click in addition to left-click in order to ''go back'' to planet view after selecting a building
  • Greatly improved UI responsiveness to left- or right-clicking
  • Planetary stockpile view is now sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed unknown modifier on Stockpile
  • Fixed certain productions not consuming their required inputs
  • Fixed recipes with optional inputs not consuming properly
  • Fixed tooltip issue with selected construction sites
  • Fixed population not growing properly
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.172 (Chain it all!)
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