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[Archived 220101] Upcoming patch and vote results
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Vote results
A bit overdue but here are the results for the ''Patch size'' vote:
  • 13 votes for Few but large patches
  • 17 votes for Many but smaller patches
  • 33 votes for A mix of both
So that means I'll be trying for a regular schedule of updates. Releasing smaller patches when it's warranted, but also delaying smaller things until there's more to the patch.

Upcoming patch
This is a list of coming changes that are not yet in the game!
Things may be added or even removed before the patch goes live!

  • Greatly improved performance when selecting a planet
  • Improved cache usage when selecting or hovering over a building
  • Building widget can now be closed by clicking anywhere outside it
  • Closing the building widget now properly re-selects the parent planet
  • Improved overall UI performance
  • Added temporary icons to all resources
  • Stockpile gains are no longer stuck at -1.3
Forums > Diary > [Archived 220101] Upcoming patch and vote results
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