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Patch 5.25.86 (Overhaul fixed)
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  • Fixed buildings and stockpiles not saving properly on the server.
    This required a wipe of all buildings and stockpiles, but your planets remain!

Patch 5.25.86:
With this patch we are finally caught up to where development should've been a year ago!
The big Overhaul update is now mostly working, and patches should go back to the regular scheduled of about one per week (Give or take)
This also checks a big item off of the Immediate Roadmap, as the Building, Production, and Resource redesign is now complete!

  • Buildings are unlocked and working!
  • Resources and Productions are unlocked and working!
  • Recipes are unlocked and (mostly) working!
  • Adjacencies are unlocked and working!
  • Population growth is unlocked!
  • Improved and optimized RESOURCE-, BUILDING-, and RECIPE- table access
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Several stutters, micro- or otherwise, have been smoothed out
  • Removed some disabled elements to reduce confusion
  • Improved vote handling and interface to be more responsive
  • Edited several tooltip modules for clarity
  • Fixed issue where server nodes would refuse to talk to each other
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to reconnect after getting disconnected
  • Fixed a sorting issue during selection that could result in selecting objects behind the intended one
  • Tooltip handler no longer stops working if an object is hovered over before object data is fully loaded
  • Fixed excessive logfile spam that could happen under certain circumstances during long sessions
  • Several buildings are disabled due to a RECIPE related issue
  • Several building costs are temporary due to a RECIPE related issue
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.86 (Overhaul fixed)
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