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Patch 5.24.972 (Buildings-ish)
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  • Buildings are temporarily disabled, see notes!
  • The default key for moving down has been changed from LShift to C
  • It is now possible to hold LShift while placing buildings to place multiple at a time
  • It is now possible to right-click to stop placing buildings in addition to pressing ESC
  • Improved grid outline rendering to only show when and where it's relevant
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the interface to be affected by starlight
  • Fixed remaining issue with corrupt building hashmap indexes
  • Fixed rendering issue with terrain splats for buildings
  • Buildings can be placed on your planet, but they will not save on the server and adjacency rules and costs are not accurate.
    Consider this patch a public test of the new grid system.
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.24.972 (Buildings-ish)
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