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[Archived 210911] Server offline for updates!
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Gods and Idols is currently offline for the major content patch Overhaul

The expected downtime is estimated to be at least 24h. But could end up being longer as things unfold.

Here's an incomplete list of the things that need to be done, along with a rough estimate of how long they'll take:
  • 2h - Full database backup DONE
  • 6h - Overhaul Score calculation to be used for granting bonuses DONE
  • 1h - Database and universe wipe and reset DONE
  • 4h - Server hardware upgrade DONE
  • 1h - Updated and added missing icons to Steam DONE
  • 2h - General server maintenance DONE
  • Countdown - Overhaul going live without some features, see note!
  • Unknown - Dealing with poorly timed real life stuff as fast as I'm able
  • 4h - Clean up database layout
  • 2h - Verification of Overhaul game services and client
  • 1h - Upload to Steam, write news posts, finalize patch notes
Please note that this list does not include every little thing, and that the times given as well as the items on it may differ from the real world.

For more up-to-date information visit the Discord via the Community link on the official site at

Because real life things are still on-going I have decided to launch Overhaul even with some features being untested.
As part of this I have also decided to postpone some features, most notably the rewards from the wipe/reset.
Mechanics/features that are postponed:
  • Reset/Wipe rewards
  • Artifacts
    (Note that Artifacts are no longer used to unlock production or anything of the sort, they are not a required part of gameplay!)
  • PvE and Planetary events will be fairly limited
So what will be in the game in a few days?:
  • All new buildings
  • All new resources
  • All new production mechanics
  • Hex-grid building placements with adjacency bonuses/effects
  • Localized planetary resources (ex. some grids will be better for Mines)
Forums > Diary > [Archived 210911] Server offline for updates!
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