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Patch 4.24.780A (Transfer Performance)
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HOTFIX 4.24.780A
  • Fixed invisible transports
  • Fixed goods transfer taking a very long time to trigger for systems that contain many Transports

Patch 4.24.798
  • You can now transfer resources between planets in your star system
    • Haulers are required to transfer goods
    • At least one space elevator is required to transfer goods from the planet, no special building is needed to receive goods to the planet
  • Overhaul Boost Event
    • All output is increased by +50% until the Overhaul content patch
    • Greatly increased the risk of pirate raids
  • Greatly increased the chance for special modifiers to appear on new and crafted Artifacts
  • Greatly increased the chance to get Perfect Artifacts from Treasures
  • Slightly increased the chance to get Timed Artifacts from Treasures
  • Greatly increased the chance for the ''+x max modifiers'' special mod to appear, especially on lower-rarity Artifacts
  • Greatly improved performance when moving the mouse over Artifacts in the Artifact Vault
  • Added a small delay before highlighting child goods when mousing over items in the planet stockpile
  • Major preparations for the City overhaul
  • Some minor performance improvements related to interface widget load times
  • Major performance improvements in Artifact Database construction leading to much faster client startup times
  • Backend preparations for proper Events and Notification system/overlay
  • Some improvements to the TAB overlay in preparation for future additions
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Pirates to mostly raid the same few planets over and over
  • Fixed incorrect list of possible modifiers being shown during Artifact crafting
  • Fixed issue that could cause Protectors to spawn with the wrong weaponry module
  • Fixed issue that was causing dropdown selection boxes (Such as game resolution in settings) to reset their selection
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.780A (Transfer Performance)
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