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Patch 4.24.787 (Partial preparations)
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  • Several new Artifacts
  • New Artifact mechanic: Merge
    • Some Artifacts will merge together into a single more powerful Artifact under the right conditions, such as socketing all required Artifacts into a specific building
    • The conditions for merging, and which Artifacts are required/consumed by the merge are listed on the relevant Artifacts/modifiers themselves
  • Greatly increased the likelyhood of NPC raids
  • Further made NPC raids more likely if the player is online
  • Combat balance
    • Pirate Gatling damage increased by 20% and fire rate decreased by 10%
    • Protector armor is now considered Light and can take damage from Point Defense modules
    • All Point Defense modules have had their ranges shortened by between 30% to 50%
    • Planetary Defense Gatling module is no longer considered a Point Defense but can still target incoming missiles
    • Light craft dodge chance against slow moving artillery projectiles have been greatly increased
    • Ships will now prioritize targeting other ships before planet structures
    • Three new tiers of Raider fleets have been added, they will only target very rich planets, and will do so regardless of planetary defenses
    • New ship types have been added to all Raider fleets, including Electronic Warfare loadouts
    • Electronic Warfare modules disrupt enemy ships reducing dodge chance and movement speed
  • Greatly improved performance in large fleet battles
  • Fixed player crafting not taking global resources into account
  • Implemented support for upcoming building/city/planet related features
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.787 (Partial preparations)
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