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Server patch (Globalism)
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Due to the somewhat unstable nature of this patch, the previously scheduled goods transfer patch has been postponed to allow more thorough testing and fixing of any potential bugs.
These fixes were required in order to make goods transfer function properly.

If you encounter any issues or weirdness please report it as soon as possible!

  • Resources can now be properly assigned as system-wide by the server, allowing some special resources, such as Shards, to be properly shared between your planets.
    This is not resource transfer!
  • Changelog/Patch notes can now be viewed ingame via a button in the top right
  • Fixed Shards, and other system-wide, resources, not working outside the Capital planet
  • Ships are now considered system-wide resources and shared between all Drydocks in the system
  • Many minor fixes to alignments and sizes of interface elements
Forums > Patches > Server patch (Globalism)
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