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Patch 4.24.778 (Roadmap and fixes)
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  • Implemented the ''Immediate roadmap'' to replace the current upcoming patches system
  • Immediate roadmap can now be seen ingame
  • Backend improvements to the voting system including preparations to allow multiple votes per player
  • Fixed several modifiers that were using incorrect multiplier formulas, including but not limited to: Sift, Delve, More, Less, Bunker, Naive, Efficient, Wasteful, Neverending, Specialized, Harmony
  • Continuous Loop can now do more than one extra cycle; e.g. 2 slots at 5/cycle now does two and a half loops. It was only doing one extra
  • Fixed goods production dialog appearing too far right
  • Fixed Powerplant bonus
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.778 (Roadmap and fixes)
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