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Patch 4.24.774 (The Age of Pirates)
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  • Fixed invalid modifiers appearing on Artifacts
  • Fixed Haulers not saving on server shutdown. Existing Haulers are unfortunately lost

  • Scout mechanic has changed
    • Scouts now have a chance to cause a treasure to spawn near the planet they're stationed on
    • The old buff from Scouts has been removed and they no longer affect Artifact rarity chance
    • More scouts decrease the time between chances to get a Treasure spawn, the decrease is multiplicative and diminishing, and can never reach 0
  • A new ship type, the Protector, has been added
    • The Protector will defend shipping lanes in the system, reducing the risk of NPC pirate attacks and lost cargo
    • Protectors will also try to defend the planet they are stationed on in case it comes under attack
    • Protectors are weak swarm-type craft and will not be enough on their own to defend against a fleet targeting a planet, but may supplement planetary defenses
  • Two new Artifact modifiers have been added: Suppression, and Conformity
  • Two new Artifact base types have been added: Astra, and Caelis
  • One new Creator Artifact has been added: Amber Fragment
  • One new Primal Artifact has been added: Amber Shard
  • One new Creator Artifact has been added: Amber Piece
  • Drop chance of Creator, Primal, and Nephilic Artifacts has been increased slightly
  • NPCs can once again attack any planet that has begun construction of, or finished, a Space Elevator
  • Slightly increased munitions usage by planetary defense installations
  • Shard transmutation mechanic available in Temples
  • Each finished Space Elevator now provide +3% to all production output on the planet, reaching +36% when all 12 elevators are complete
  • Each Powerplant now provide +3% to all production output
  • Greatly enhanced the modifier overview when crafting Artifacts
  • Buttons for several features which are not yet in the game have been hidden to avoid confusion, ex. Planetary Ring
  • Some improvements to startup time
  • Fixed S.I.E.Ves not giving Ore if you sign in away from your Capital
  • Fixed S.I.E.Ves Ore bonus incorrectly multiplied by planetary Artifacts Ore production output resulting in very small values
  • Fixed Hermit's Boon appearing more than once on the same Artifact
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.774 (The Age of Pirates)
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