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[Archived 200819] Upcoming patch
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This patch is live as Patch 4.24.749

This patch will add the voting system described in the July 31st Developer update.
It also comes with some improvements and bugfixes, but the main focus is the vote system.

The estimated downtime for this patch is 30 54 hours as it includes some backend work that can not be performed while servers are up
Update: Estimate extended by 6 hours, from 24h to 30h. Countdown has been updated
Update 2: Estimate extended by another 24 hours, from 30h to 54h. Countdown has been updated
All done, patch is live!

  • New features
    • Voting system as described in the July 31st Developer update
  • Soulless manifestations detected in multiple star systems. Caution advised!
  • Balance changes:
    • Resource Cache Loot now has better distribution of resource
  • Artifact changes:
    • All existing Artifacts have been converted to Bound Artifacts
    • New Artifact type: Bound Artifacts
      • Bound Artifacts do not expire
      • Bound Artifacts can not be unsocketed, only destroyed
    • New Artifact type: Unbound Artifacts
      • Unbound Artifacts do not expire
      • Unbound Artifacts can be unsocketed and moved
    • New Artifact type: Timed Artifacts
      • Timed Artifacts are now very rare
      • Timed Artifacts spawn with much higher modifier values
      • Timed Artifacts can have unique modifiers not normally available
      • Timed Artifacts can have multiple unique modifiers
      • Timed Artifacts have less strict rules regarding modifier conflicts, allowing a much greater variety and interplay between possible modifiers
      • Timed Artifacts can not be unsocketed, only destroyed
      • Artifact timers/countdown are now enabled
      • Timed Artifacts have between 1h to 2h duration after which they are destroyed
    • Many old Artifact types have been deprecated and can no longer spawn, existing ones remain
    • Artifacts modifiers are now limited based on rarity:
      • This new limit does affect all existing Artifacts, but does NOT remove any existing modifiers. Existing Artifacts that are beyond the limit will only allow modifiers to be removed until they get below the limit
      • Common can have up to 2 modifiers
      • Uncommon can have up to 3 modifiers
      • Rare can have up to 4 modifiers
      • Angelic can have up to 5 modifiers
      • Divine can have up to 6 modifiers
      • Demonic can have up to 6 modifiers
      • A new modifier has been added that increases the max allowed number of modifiers beyond the natural limit
      • The absolute max is still 15 for all rarities
    • 36 new regular Artifact modifiers
    • 12 new Unique Artifact modifiers
    • Nine new Creator tier Artifacts
    • Seven new Primal tier Artifacts
    • Six new Nephilic tier Artifacts
  • Major performance improvements to the stockpile window
  • Moved Empire and Artifact buttons out of the dropdown in the top left
  • Fixed S.I.E.Ves not providing Ore in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting Artifact modifier randomization
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