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Patch 4.24.721 (Loot and Springcleaning)
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  • Fixed an issue with data node that was causing Resource caches to not work properly for some players

  • Over 8'800 abandoned and unclaimed planets have been removed
  • More things added in preparation for an upcoming in-game event
  • Added Cargo ship-class, it currently does nothing but will be needed to transfer resources between your planets
  • Shipyard queue items can now be cancelled (No refunds!)
  • Resource Cache Loot tooltip made much clearer
  • Slightly adjusted color of Artifact Loot to make it clearer what Tier it is
  • Can no longer spend Congregation points beyond population limit
  • Fixed S.I.E.Ves not giving Ore
  • Fixed Scouts not affecting Treasures
  • Fixed crash when taking a screenshot after increasing the game resolution
  • Added missing textures that were causing Resource caches to be invisible
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.721 (Loot and Springcleaning)
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