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Patch 4.24.698 (Marauders and Basics)
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  • Added temporary new mechanic:
    • A new ship type, the Exterminate class Marauder, can now be built and sent to invade hostile planets in the same system as it's built.
      Marauders can be destroyed by Planetary defenses or hostile Marauders.
      A Marauder will take out another Marauder resulting in both being lost. A Marauder will damage planetary defenses if it is destroyed by those. Many Marauders may be needed to penetrate planetary defenses if any exist.
      If the Marauder is not destroyed it will occupy one City center/Space Elevator. If all 12 are occupied the planet will switch owner to the attacker.
      Marauders are extremely weak, and should be easy to fight off for any active player. They are a tool allowing you to remove other inactive players from your star system, they can not be used to target planets in other systems.
  • The number of possible modifiers on an Artifact are now shown while crafting
  • Possible Unlock Productions on an Artifact are now shown while crafting
  • Added Basic Artifacts for each and every producible resource
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.698 (Marauders and Basics)
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