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[Archived 200509] Upcoming patch
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Released as Patch 4.24.682
Struck items have been postponed for a future patch

  • New mechanics
    • Space Elevator modules
  • Raiding fleets are now guaranteed to drop loot when defeated
  • All Food goods output has been increased by at least 200%
  • New and crafted
    • Added more possible modifiers to Autoloaders
    • The rarest possible random modifier is now picked when adding modifiers to an Artifact (Notes A)
    • The highest possible random tier is now used when spawning new Artifacts (Notes A)
  • Added Rare and Angelic mass-salvage buttons to the Artifact vault (Be careful)
  • Added checkbox to ignore Infinite Artifacts while mass-salvaging (Checked by default)
  • Artifacts now show their owners name in their tooltip
  • Shipyard buttons are now much more responsive
  • Artifact links are now harder to fake
  • I forgot to set up the Infrastructure buttons
  • Ship construction getting stuck with all resources showing fully complete
  • Raiding fleets are no longer in a galaxy far far away
  • Fixed shipyard construction and queue not saving properly on server shutdown
  • Fixed missing defense building icons
  • Fixed leftover Treasure test values resulting in only Artifacts dropping
  • Fixed Extra Shards modifier giving the bonus to the wrong Shard type
  • Fixed Fission and Fusion tooltips
  • Fixed goods not checking their archetype max stockpile (Charcoal)
  • Artifact slot limits are now properly enforced: Max 10 Planet slots and 28 per Building
  • Fixed missing Space Elevator icon
  • Accretions are no longer suitable locations for colonization
A) The old system would pick the first possible item, which meant that if the random weight rolled 0.1 it could still pick an item with a weight of 40 if it appeared early in the random list.
The new system checks the entire randomly ordered list and picks the item with the lowest weight that is higher (or equal) to the random weight roll (0.1 in this example). If two or more items have the same lowest weight one of them is randomly picked.
This change should help immensely with the spawn rate of the more rare Artifacts and modifiers.
Forums > Diary > [Archived 200509] Upcoming patch
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