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[Archived 200502] Upcoming patch
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Released as Patch 4.24.668

  • Balance changes:
    • Megaprojects under construction are now processed last in order to prevent economy stalls
    • Population now die from starvation much slower
  • Treasure changes:
    • Treasures drop resource caches
    • Treasures drop Shards
    • Treasures contain less Artifacts
  • New Artifact modifiers added:
    • Increased chance to add positive modifier when crafting
    • Increased chance to discover higher tier Artifacts in Treasures
    • +X% Increased amount of Shards when salvaging Artifacts
    • +X% Increased amount of resources dropped from Treasures
    • 7 more new modifiers
  • Artifact changes (Old and new Artifacts):
    • The Unmaker is now limited to one per player instead of one per universe
    • The Pegassians Redeemer is now limited to one per player instead of one per universe
    • The Faithless' Lament is now limited to one per player instead of unlimited
    • The Great Forge Station is now limited to one per player instead of unlimited
    • The Great Forge Station is no longer Infinite. Existing Great forges have had their duration changed
  • Artifact changes (Only new Artifacts):
    • There is now a small chance to find Perfect Artifacts with only positive modifiers in Treasures
    • Some Unlock productions that were previously on Workshop Artifacts have been moved to Factory
    • 8 new types of Artifacts added
  • Hostile NPC fleets can now attack planets (Note a)
  • Two new buildings added to help defend against raids
  • Electricity can now be produced and provides a buff to production cycle speed
  • Added new building Factory
  • Artifacts can now be linked in the chat by right-clicking them
  • Artifact crafting buttons are now more responsive
  • Powerplant management widget added
  • Space Elevator now has a visible model
  • Preparation for upcoming event, some secrets are better left alone...
  • Fixed issue related to apostrophes in planet- and star- names
  • Fixed issue that could prevent Space Elevator Tether stage from progressing
  • Fixed issue with Space Elevator management panel appearing off-screen
  • Fixed server not counting number of Elevator Tethers properly
  • Fixed issue caused by planets without a name - Thanks swegjesus21
  • Fixed tooltips using the wrong font causing alignment and scaling issues
a) NPC raids will steal resources and damage buildings unless they are fought off using defensive installations. Raids can only target planets that have begun, or completed, the Space Elevator project
Forums > Diary > [Archived 200502] Upcoming patch
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