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Patch 4.24.651 (Magnets!)
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  • Balance changes:
    • Adjusted the cost of Arsenals
  • Added population max display and breakdown to Divine Authority
  • Added some extra safeties to Artifact crafting to avoid accidental reforge or salvage
  • Re-arranged Artifact Crafting buttons
  • Added construction crane to some large construction sites
  • Added apostrophe as an allowed character in planet names
  • If a planets new name is longer than 24 characters it is now truncated to 24 characters instead of being ignored
  • Fixed bug that was causing the wrong building efficiency values - Thanks Keiaoso
  • Fixed malformed stockpile request when crafting Artifacts causing packet errors - Thanks Minitall, nyrion, os226
  • Fixed rounding error on some Artifact modifiers - Thanks Minitall
  • Magnet unlock modifier spawn weight error fixed
  • Fixed Space Elevator Foundation cost error
  • Prevent District-/City- Plans Production can no longer appear as a modifier
  • Fixed Ship parts not showing up in Stockpile
  • Fixed construction site progress not saving on server restart
  • Fixed Space Elevator Project not working
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.24.651 (Magnets!)
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